Sneak Peek for the bandar blog’s Halloween Bonanza!

Guys, October is my all-time favorite month of the year. Why? Because fall, pumpkins, and Halloween. This October will also be my 6-month blogiversary (hooray! *throws confetti*)! Since so many fantastic things are happening this October, I have decided to host a Halloween Bonanza (aka a month-long blog party). Read on to see what you can expect. 

halloween bonanza 1

What can you expect? Lots of perfect-for-Halloween book reviews by guest bloggers, tons of book giveaways, discussion about bookish costumes and movies, original spooky stories, and more! 

A full schedule of events will be going up in a week, so keep your eyes open! If you’re into free books or think you might want that bookish halloween box View Spoiler »be sure to follow via facebook, twitter, e-mail, etc, to make sure you’re getting notified when giveaways are happening!

I’m looking forward to it, and hope you guys are, too!
(To help get me all sorts of excited, I’ve tweaked the blog a it to make it appropriate for Halloween. What do you think?)

halloween bonanza pumpkins

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    1. Thanks so much 😀 I’m obsessed with Halloween, so it was fun to make all these stupid little graphics for me!

    1. YAY! I’m assuming you’re the Irina I know and love (: You should definitely enter to win the halloween box, because it’s awesome and I know you’d love it.

  1. OMG so exciting!! My hopes are not high that I’ll win the box because I’ve quite literally never won anything in my life BUT I’m trying!! So my favorite horror story (at least right now) is The Bazaar of Bad Dreams!!

    1. Oooooooh that sounds like a super fun horror story! And hey, you never know! I won $100 to Barnes & Noble from a fellow blogger and was flabbergasted! I’d never won anything up until then either! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!