Blabbering: Mystery Monday Guest Post

Happy July 11! For those of you that live where there are 7-Elevens, don’t forget to go pick up your free slurpee today! Today I’ve got new books for you to guess, and these were made by a fellow book blogger: Erin at Quillable! Go check out her blog, say hello, and then take your guesses down below.

As always, see original post explaining the creation of “Mystery Monday” here

Mystery Monday Erin Quillable 2Mystery Monday Erin Quillable 1

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 3.25.00 PM
Take your guesses in the comment section below. In a couple of days Erin or I will give you the answers. Don’t forget that if you don’t know the answers, but want us to fill you in, go ahead and comment whatever you want!

**If you’re a book blogger and you’re interested in doing a guest post for Mystery Monday, comment down below and let me know, or e-mail me at**

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  1. The second one is definitely Pride and Prejudice, but the first one I can’t figure out at all. There’s something familiar about it, but I’m drawing a blank.