Blabbering: Mystery Monday (Oceanic Classics)

Hello first Monday in September (and hooray for summer almost being over!). Today’s Mystery Monday theme is oceanic classics, so take your guesses. (See the origin of Mystery Monday here.)

**Book bloggers: If you’d like to do a guest Mystery Monday post, e-mail me ( or comment down below. If you’d like to do your own Mystery Monday posts on your blog, feel free! I’d just ask that you give credit (however, if you fail to give me credit I promise I won’t send a lawsuit your way). It’d be loads of fun to see them around the blogosphere!**


Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 3.25.00 PM
Take your guesses in the comment section below! I’ll be responding to your guesses and “I don’t knows” in a few days. If you don’t know the answer but want me to clue you in, just comment something and I’ll respond with the answers.

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