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Book Review: The Raven King (or, Why You Should Read The Raven Cycle)

I have officially finished The Raven Cycle, and I just need to take a moment to do a slow clap for this seriously excellent book series. Okay, I’m done. Bravo to Maggie Stiefvater for ending the series so perfectly with The Raven King. Since I’m not a fan of spoiling (and this is the fourth book so literally any detail would be considered a spoiler), I’m not going to go into any depth about why I loved this book in particular. Instead, read on and see why you should read The Raven Cycle for yourself.

Book Review: The Raven King (or, Why You Should Read The Raven Cycle)The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater
Series: The Raven Cycle #4
Published by Scholastic Press on April 26th 2016
Genres: Paranormal, Fantasy
Narrator: Will Patton
Length: 11 hours, 34 minutes
Format: Audiobook

Nothing living is safe. Nothing dead is to be trusted.
For years, Gansey has been on a quest to find a lost king. One by one, he’s drawn others into this quest: Ronan, who steals from dreams; Adam, whose life is no longer his own; Noah, whose life is no longer a lie; and Blue, who loves Gansey… and is certain she is destined to kill him.
Now the endgame has begun. Dreams and nightmares are converging. Love and loss are inseparable. And the quest refuses to be pinned to a path.

I am writing this in the wake of finishing The Raven King, so I’m afraid you’re catching me at my most sentimental. I’m so sad that I had to say goodbye to my friends in West Virginia: Blue, Gansey, Ronan, Adam, and so many more. I’m sad to say goodbye to 300 Fox Way and the psychic women who live there. I’m sad to say goodbye to Monmouth Manufacturing, and I’m even sad to say goodbye to Aglionby Academy and the dull classes that took place beyond those brick walls. It was such a fantastic series, and one that I would highly recommend you consider diving into for yourself.

the raven king maggie stiefvater

The four books in The Raven Cycle capture two of my favorite things about reading:

Fictional friends and amazing characters

I knew these people. I loved these people. I grieved when they died, I cried when they cried, I smiled when good things happened to them, and I swelled with pride when they achieved. I refuse to believe that they are fictional characters. That they are only words on a page. I refuse, because they were so multi-dimensional that they walked right off the page and into my life.

A different, impossibly amazing world

Yes, this book takes place in a real place (Henrietta, West Virginia), but there’s nothing familiar about it. There’s magic, paranormal happenings, dream objects and bizarre creatures. You open the book and you escape into a world and a life that is just so much better than your own. And at the end of the day, isn’t that why most of us read?

the raven king maggie stiefvater the raven boys the raven cycle the dream thieves blue lily lily blue

The success of a story hinges on its ending, and the story of Blue Sargeant and her Raven Boys ends so beautifully in The Raven King.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 3.25.14 PM
Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 3.46.55 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-14 at 3.46.55 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-14 at 3.46.55 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-14 at 3.47.05 PM

 I would encourage you to read this series if it interests you in the slightest. Click here to see my review of The Raven Boys, here for The Dream Thieves, and here for Blue Lily, Lily Blue.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 3.25.00 PM
If you’ve read The Raven King, what were your final thoughts on the novel? What series left you feeling sad to say goodbye when you finally finished it?

Get The Raven King for yourself: Amazon. Barnes & Noble. The Book Depository.

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    1. I think you might like the mystery aspect of them! At least they’re YA so they don’t take too long. And if you hate The Raven Boys then there’s no point in continuing!! (: I hope you enjoy them when you read them, though!

  1. Haven’t read this one but I remember crying when I finished Dennis Lehane’s Kenzo & Gennaro series. They had been with me for years!!!

  2. Great photos, Ali! I’ve only read the first book in this series but am kene to eventually binge it through, and I’m really glad to hear that the characters are amazing and the world is different up until the end. <3

  3. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this series, but for some reason I haven’t picked it up yet. But your review has convinced me to give them a try ASAP! They sound absolutely amazing and I am so glad you enjoyed them so much. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous review! ❤

    1. I hope that you enjoy them when you pick them up! Luckily there are pretty short, so if you end up not liking the first one much, you haven’t invested too much time (:

  4. I was going to read this series anyway but you’re review has pushed my decision over the edge and made me decide that it’s going to be one of the next series that I start! I’ve heard nothing but good things about this series as well!!


  5. I love The Raven Cycle! Initially, I wasn’t into it because The Raven Boys confused me but I pushed through and it got even better. Just like you said, the characters are seriously THE BEST! I relate with them and I was equally sad to say goodbye 🙁 and this book made me want to check out Maggie Stiefvater’s other books as well 😀

    1. Yes! I’m really interested in Scorpio Races, because I’ve seriously heard nothing but fantastic things! We’ll see what I think when I get there (: Thanks for stopping by!