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Bookstagram: All You Need to Know About the Shelfie

It’s time for another “bookstagram” post, and today we’re talking shelfies! If you have not yet been exposed to the word “Shelfie,” it’s TIME. A shelfie is a photograph of a shelf, and the best shelfies are photographs of bookshelves (DUH). Yeah, a lot of bookstores and libraries are going to provide some awesome shelfies, but my favorite are the ones that bookstagrammers have managed to beautifully arrange in their own homes. Feast your eyes on some of my favorites.

Some people organize their shelves with the rainbow in mind, otherwise organize by author. Some people don’t organize their shelves at all, stacking things haphazardly everywhere. Some people put all their little bookish trinkets all over their shelves while others like to keep their shelves clean. Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong way to organize your shelves, they all make for an awesome shelfie!


And of course I have to throw my own shelfie in the mix: 

Share your shelfie with the world! Post it on Instagram and use “#shelfie” to join the ranks of all the awesome shelfie posters!

Do you decorate your shelves with items? Or do you like to keep them ultra clean?

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  1. Oh wow, your shelf plus all the others look very lovely. Mine is so plain but I like the decorative ideas from the pics you shared. Great post!

    1. thanks friends! (: Shelves are fun to do nothing with or add little decorations to. It doesn’t matter what you do with them, they’ll look good because BOOKS!

    1. Thanks Greg! I’ve become quite the obsessed collector. They’re just so pretty on the shelves they end up serving two purposed: books to read AND artwork to look at 😀