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Book Line-Up: The Holidays are Here!

I have a nice long vacation coming up, so I plan on getting lots of reading done. Here’s what I’ve been reading these past couple of weeks, and my holiday book line-up!

What I recently finished reading:

artemis andy weir a christmas carol

I recently finished reading Artemis by Andy Weir. Unfortunately, for me, this one wasn’t nearly as good as The Martian. The last audiobook I listened to was A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. See my discussion of that one here!

What I’m reading now:

the once and future king the king of bones and ashes

I’m listening to the very long audiobook of The Once and Future King. I’m hoping to finish it soon, but I still have maaaaaaany hours left. I’m also reading The King of Bones and Ashes, which I got from Netgalley. I need to finish and review that one before its release on January 23!

What I plan on reading next!

the hazel wood 

The Hazel Wood, another one I got from Netgalley, is out on January 30, so I need to read that one soon, too. I am very excited to read it, because it’s already getting TONS of great reviews! Then I’m re-reading A Discovery of Witches, which is the start of one of my favorite trilogies!! This is why I’ve saved it for vacation. I can’t wait to be back with Diana and Matthew!

What are you reading right now, and what do you plan on reading over the holidays?

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  1. That’s always my fear with reading long-awaited second books like Artemis– the risk of being disappointed by high expectations is intimidating! Your ARCs look really intriguing and I can’t wait to read your reviews 🙂

    1. I haven’t heard of those! I hope you like them. The King of Bones and Ashes had good atmosphere and had the potential to be pretty great, but it wasn’t jiving with me for some reason so I had to DNF it 🙁