horror movies inspired by books

11 Horror Movies Inspired by Books

Last year I posted about horror movies that had been inspired by books (excluding all Stephen King novels, because we’re all well aware of his!). I am doing the same post this year, because I found the topic so interesting. It also made me add a lot of horror novels to my TBR. Hopefully this post will inspire you to do the same! I repeated some of the same book/movie combinations from last year, but I’ve added a number of new ones, too!

1. “The Birds”

2. “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

3. “Rosemary’s Baby”

4. “The Ring”

5. “Candyman”

6. “30 Days of Night”

7. “The Ruins”

8. “Psycho” 

9. “The Amityville Horror”

10. “Hellraiser”

11. “I Am Legend”

See any novels that you plan on adding to your TBR soon?

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  1. “The Ring” is definitely more thrilling as a book. The movie was great, don’t get me wrong but as the story unfolded in the book, it felt so much scarier. I’ve since read the two sequels (I need to read the short story collection) and I love it!

  2. Wow, I don’t think I knew that any of these movies were based off of books! The only one I’ve seen is The Birds. My 6th grade teacher showed it to us, which I think was pretty inappropriate for our age. Do you recommend any of the books or movies on your list?
    Maraia just posted [Roundup] September 2017My Profile

    1. Hahah yes that does seem inappropriate for a 6th grader! I think I saw that movie really young, but I was obsessed with horror… and my parents let me watch it, not my teacher! I haven’t read most from this list, but I am currently reading The Exorcist, and it’s SO GOOD!!

  3. I have watched some of the movies here but I haven’t had the chance to read the books. It might be scarier than the movies omg