How to be a Girly Chic Bookworm (Using Other Bloggers as Examples)

Do you want to be one of those wicked sexy girly bookworms? I’m probably not one of them, but I’ve spent enough time in the bookish world that I know the exact tools you’ll need to get you started.

Step 1: Get yourself a sexy pair of glasses. 

reading glasses

Maria from Big City Bookworm has this step on lockdown. Girl is boss with her sexy reading glasses. On top of that, she’s wonderfully nice AND she has an awesome blog where she talks about books, graphic novels, movies, and TV. You should check her out.


Step 2: Grab yourself some bookish tea. 
Check out First Edition Tea Co!

First Edition Tea Co is just one of the many bookish tea companies out there, but I’ve had their The Little Prince tea and it is delicious. No reader is complete without a steaming mug of tea at their side.

Kat from Life and Other Disasters is a tea-totaling book blogger. She had this step checked off her list before it was even cool. You should go peruse her blog. She talks about books, TV, and whatever she damn well pleases, because she’s BA like that.


Step 3: Make sure you have that tea in a bookish mug
bookish mug
Visit Blu Bear Bazaar!

Molly from Molly’s Book Nook is a beast of a book blogger. Not only does she have the girly-chic bookworm thing down (um, check out her very girly chic blog), she is a boss at all the technicalities of blogging, AND she freaking DESIGNS bookish merch.

Blu Bear Bazaar is her bookish merchandise shop, and it is stinking fantastic. You should check it out, because you need that mug to be a chic bookworm, remember?



Step 4: Light a bookish candle
posh candle co bookish
See all the candles from Posh Candle Co!


This candle by Posh Candle Co is perfect achieving girly-chic bookworm status. Not only does it look and smell good, it’s a soy candle so it burns a bit cleaner for ya.

Syd over at deertales is a legit girly chic book blogger. Not only has she mastered the art of being a chic bookworm, she photographs her chicness on her bookstagram like she invented it herself. I envy her ability to incorporate candles into her photos and have them actually look good every time (a skill I seriously lack).



Step 5: Now get yourself a beautiful book and sit your butt down and read
the snow queen
Follow me on Instagram to see more beautiful books!

Do you need to have a beautiful book to be a girly-chic bookworm? Um, no. You really just need to have a book. BUT beautiful books are pretty, so I encourage having those on hand.

Lindsay and Jennifer over at Bluestocking Bookshelf are the masters of beautiful books. They’re also girly-chic to the extreme. Florals, pastels, and delicate designs are all over the place on their bookstagram. You should absolutely check out both their blog and their Instagram account. Totally worth your time.


Did I miss a crucial step? What would you add to the how-to-be a girly-chic bookworm recipe?

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    1. Hahaha well honestly when I decided “tea” needed to be a step you were the VERY FIRST person I thought of. Lol. You HAD to be featured!

  1. HAHAHAH. THIS IS SO GREAT. But *ahem* tea hater here. Sorry! Will swapping coffee instead affect my chicness? Also, we can’t forget the basset hound and/or kitten. If we’re going to be sitting and reading for so long, we’re going to need a quiet companion 😉

    1. Hahaha, coffee is an okay swap – but it has to be a latte or some fancy espresso drink. If you’re going to insist on having plain coffee, it has to have almond milk or something like that in it (; And OMG how could I even forget about an animal!?!? I’m ashamed. You’re right. Must add kitten OR basset hound. Those are the only two options that will allow for chicness.