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Iron Gold: Perhaps An Issue of Too Much Hype

DANGIT. This book definitely got over-hyped for me. All the reviews I saw talked about how emotionally destroyed they were by this book and how they’re going to have to book hangover for the rest of their life. So I was expecting to feel some of the seriously intense feels I did after reading Golden Son and Morning Star. But, alas, I didn’t. That being said, I really enjoyed the book… I just found myself dissappointed to not be sobbing at the end. Anyway, read on to see my Iron Gold review and determine if you should take on the fourth book in the Red Rising series.

Iron Gold: Perhaps An Issue of Too Much HypeIron Gold by Pierce Brown
Series: Red Rising #4
Published by Del Rey Books on January 16th 2018
Genres: Science Fiction, Dystopian
Pages: 603
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They call him father, liberator, warlord, Reaper. But he feels a boy as he falls toward the pale blue planet, his armor red, his army vast, his heart heavy. It is the tenth year of war and the thirty-second of his life.

A decade ago, Darrow was the hero of the revolution he believed would break the chains of the Society. But the Rising has shattered everything: Instead of peace and freedom, it has brought endless war. Now he must risk everything he has fought for on one last desperate mission. Darrow still believes he can save everyone, but can he save himself?

And throughout the worlds, other destinies entwine with Darrow’s to change his fate forever:

A young Red girl flees tragedy in her refugee camp and achieves for herself a new life she could never have imagined.

An ex-soldier broken by grief is forced to steal the most valuable thing in the galaxy—or pay with his life.

And Lysander au Lune, the heir in exile to the sovereign, wanders the stars with his mentor, Cassius, haunted by the loss of the world that Darrow transformed, and dreaming of what will rise from its ashes.

Red Rising was the story of the end of one universe, and Iron Gold is the story of the creation of a new one. Witness the beginning of a stunning new saga of tragedy and triumph from masterly New York Times bestselling author Pierce Brown.

First of all, if you haven’t read the Red Rising series, you need to click here to see why you should remedy that ASAP.

If you haven’t yet decided whether or not you should read Iron Gold, let me tell you the things I really liked about this book:

1. It is very cool to see the aftermath of the Rising. We don’t often get that opportunity in fictional stories- to  see what happens after these epic revolutions.

2. The characters you loved in the first three books are at it again in this one. You’ll definitely find yourself laughing at Sevro and aching for Darrow.

3. The world building gets a HELL YEAH!!! Pierce Brown added so much cool shit to his world, I can’t even begin to explain it. It was freaking fantastic seeing all of the bizarre and amazing details that were included in this book. This alone is reason to read the book! 

BUT: This book definitely feels like the first book in a series (kind of like Red Rising did, but maybe not quite as exciting??)

Here is why this book just quite didn’t hit 5-stars for me:
WARNING: Mild-spoilery thoughts below!

1. The story is divided between narratives, so you don’t have quite as much time to become attached. There were three additional narratives besides Darrow’s. While I was definitely interested in their storylines, I wasn’t that invested in the characters themselves.

2. There aren’t as many twists and turns in this one. Or, I guess, if there were, they were more predictable. I figured everyone would sort of end up where they did. Now, if in subsequent books Pierce Brown shakes their alliances up, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

3. Darrow’s ending felt wrong. View Spoiler »

4. Ultimately, this book just felt like the first book in a series. Don’t worry, I know Pierce Brown is going to come, dig his fingers into my ribs and tear me in half to crush my heart in his fist in the next few books. For now, I’m left shrugging this one off.

I’m hovering between 3.5 and 4 stars. I definitely liked it and think that you should absolutely read it if you read the Red Rising series. Definitely just go in without too many expectations (don’t make the same mistake I did!!!!)

If you read Iron Gold, can we please talk about it?! I need SOMEONE to talk to! 

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