It's monday what are you reading

It’s Monday. What are you reading?

Hello friends! As I encroach upon my 1-year bloggiversary (coming up in a week or so – keep a look out as there will be a fun giveaway!), I am in the biggest blogging slump I’ve ever had since I started this blog! BOO!!

I blame the behemoth book I’m reading for this slump. It’s taking me too dang long to read it, and as a result I’m feeling like an unproductive blogger. Anyway, enough about my slump. Here’s the bookish line-up for this week.

1. What I just finished reading:

honor's splendour  matilda

Honor’s Splendour ended up being a DNF at 25%. It’s billed as historical romance novel, and since I love historical fiction with love stories, I thought, THIS IS MY GENRE! False. Either this is completely NOT my genre, or this book wasn’t for me. It felt like a cheap romance with people wearing medieval costumes. Too bad, because I had high hopes.

Meanwhile Matilda was complete perfection of course! I absolutely loved it. AND I listened to the audiobook with Kate Winslet narrating, and that was quite enjoyable.

2. What I’m currently reading:

the summer garden cover  everyone brave is forgiven

The Summer Garden is what I’m struggling through right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love these characters, and I love reading the book when I finally sit down and read it… BUT it’s just not pulling me to it, which is not good when it’s 750 pages of tiny font. I have to finish, though, because this is the trilogy finale! The first one in this series was The Bronze Horseman which I claimed (and still agree) was my favorite love story of all time. 

I just started the audiobook of Everyone Brave is Forgiven. I haven’t gotten very far, because, well, reading slump.

3. What I’ll be reading next:

 the list

A Court of Mist and Fury is going to be my Cancun trip book, and I think it will be perfect! I bet I’ll finish it fast, so then I’m going to move on to one of my ARCs. The List is a middle grade novel that has been out for a while in Europe (called The Wordsmith), but will soon be released in the US!


So what are you reading this week? Anything you’re absolutely loving?

“It’s Monday! What are you reading?” is a book meme created by Book Date.

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    1. Hahaha, I would so be confused! Right now both books I’m reading are about war, and I’m starting to get a bit confused, too XD

        1. For a while they were the same -then it progressed to the Vietnam war, which was different, but STILL war stuff XD Luckily I’ve finished with The Summer Garden now and am moving on to the world of Spring Court and Night Court!

  1. A Court of Mist and Fury. Prepare for the glory that is Rhysand. Perfect timing just in time for book three. Really looking forward to what you think of it. One book I’ve just finished was Geekerella and absolutely loved it! Sorry to hear about your reading slump, hopefully a little Sarah J will help <3

    1. Rhysand is a man among men and I am just waiting to get to the HIM AND FEYRE PARTS!!! Right now I’m about halfway through and there has just been endless flirting 😀