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Last Minute Bookish Gift Ideas: Box Subscriptions!

When it comes to gift-giving, one of my favorite things to give people are box subscriptions (some of my friends are probably reading this and nodding their heads vigorously). I do this because I find subscriptions to be so much fun. If you’re still trying to figure out what to get your friends and family for the holidays, consider getting them a subscription to a box you’ll think they’d like! Then all you have to do is write what you got for them down in a card, hand that to them, and voila! Done! Here’s a list of some of the more popular book subscription boxes with their respective prices (and discount codes where applicable!).

I’ll be listing bookish box subscriptions here, but if you’re looking for non-bookish boxes or for even more bookish ideas, consider browsing CrateJoy!

1. Book of the Month Club

book of the month

Cost: $9.99/month (easily skip months to roll over your subscription to the next month)

What you get: You select one adult fiction, hardcover book a month from a choice of 5. You can get additional books for $9.99.

2. OwlCrate

Cost: $29.99/month, Use code JENN15 for 15% off!

What you get: A newly released young adult, hardcover book in each book with 3-5 bookish items relating to that month’s theme.

3. The Nocturnal Reader’s Box

nocturnal reader's box

Cost: $35.00/month, Use code NOCTURNALWRAITH15 for 15% off!

What you get: One newly released and one previously released book (horror, thriller, suspense, paranormal genre) with 5-7 additional bookish items.

4. Once Upon a Book Club Box

once upon a book club box love and gravity review

Cost: $35.00/month, Use code PARCHMENT10 for 10% off!

What you get: A newly released adult, chick lit novel or a young adult novel (depending on the subscription you choose) with 3-5 wrapped gifts that you open as you read the book. The gifts relate to the story that you’re reading.

5. Culture Carton

culture carton

Cost: $16.00-$45.00/month, Use code COUPLE for 20% off!

What you get: This is a box geared toward men (“for men who want to improve themselves”). The $16.00/month option gets you a single book. The $35.00/month option gets you 3-5 masculine lifestyle items. The $45.00/month option gets you the book and the items.

6. LitJoy 

litjoy crate

Cost: $29.99/month (young adult and children’s box, monthly), $34.99/month(middle grade box, quaterly), Use code CHAPTER15 for 15% off! 

What you get: As mentioned above you have your choice between Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Children’s box subscriptions. In each you will receive at least one book relevant for the age group and numerous bookish items that fit with the theme of the box.

7. Nerdy Post


Cost: $9.95 – $22.95/month, Use code LIVELAUGHREAD for 10% off!

What you get: This bookish box does not contain a book. Rather, it’s about fandoms. The amount you want to spend dictates what you get in the box. “NerdyPost Lite” will have 5 items (8×11″ print, bookmark, postcard, 5×7″ mini prant, and an autograde sticker). “NerdyPost” has all of those items plus a lapel pin and 2 bonus items that vary (coaster, notepad, etc). “Ultimate NerdyPost” has all of the aforementioned items plus 2 high quality large items (candle, tote, scarf, etc).

What are some of your last minute gift ideas?

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