May Wrap-Up: Hello Summertime!

We are officially halfway done with 2017. Hooray! I actually don’t know why I’m “hooray-ing,” it’s not like 2017 has been an awful year for me (in fact, this year has been pretty great so far)! I guess all you folks who are done with school and now on summer vacay deserve a “hooray” – so yay to you! Anyway, let’s wrap up May.

One-Year Bloggiversary Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated! The winner was chosen (congrats Kaitlin P!), and she elected to get 3 months of OwlCrate! Yay Kaitlin! Good choice (: Thanks again to everyone who spread the word!

Once Upon a Book Club Box Rep!

I very happily got selected to be a rep for the Once Upon A Book Club Box! I am OBSESSED with the concept of this book box: You get a newly released adult (or young adult, depending on which box you choose) novel and with it you receive several wrapped gifts. These gifts are not to be opened until their indicated page number. HOW COOL IS THIS?! It’s a very immersive reading experience, as the gifts all relate to what you’re reading when you’re supposed to open them.

Check out their website here! And if you are interested in trying out a box or subscribing, you can use BANDAR10 to get 10% off your order!

May Book Reviews
Miscellaneous May Posts
May’s Best of Bookstagram

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How was May for you? Did you do anything fun? Any exciting summer plans?

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  1. I love all your pics. How did you do the butterflies and flowers one? are they real or is a photo app? it looks really beautiful.

    Going by the ratings, you had a good reading month and the blogging seems to have gone well too. I hope June will be ever better. Happy reading and enjoy the new month 🙂

    1. I have little flower/butterfly props 😀 It seems I had a good reading month, but most of those were read at the end of April or so. I tend to post reviews a few weeks after I finish a book, so that I can always have posts coming up and I don’t have to scramble! But yes, the books that were reviewed in May were all pretty dang good!

  2. 2017 has treated me pretty well so far too! I hope June treats you well. And CONGRATS on being chosen as a rep! That’s a really neat concept for a box. I’m tempted but I JUST canceled my Uppercase subscription (that I had for over a year, sadness) because I’ve run out of shelf space for books and random goodies hahah