Mystery Monday: Can you guess these WWII books?

It’s Mystery Monday time! Can you guess these two wildly popular and heart-wrenching World War II novels? Here’s a hint: one was released in 2015 and the other was released in 2005.


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Can you guess these books? Comment below! I’ll respond with answers in a few days. If you don’t know, but want me to clue you in, just comment whatever you want below and I’ll be sure to give you the answers, too.

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    1. You got it girl! Nice job 😀 I really enjoyed the Nightingale. Slow a bit at the start, but then is goes super fast the second half and has a fantastic ending!

    1. You got them right! And me, too! It’s just such a fascinating time period. I’m reading a love story set in WWII Russia right now, and I’m just dying because it’s perfection!