Bookstagram: What Bookstagrammers Do With A New Book

Bookstagrammers are weird creatures. I am allowed to say this, because I am one. Books are not just something for reading now, they’re something to photograph. THEY ARE ART. Because of this, getting a new book is much more of a process than it used to be. It’s not about reading the story anymore (psh… who actually reads still??), it’s about CREATING THE MOST PERFECT BOOKISH ART OF ALL TIME.

1. Hold book up to light and examine from all angles. 

Examine every inch of the new book (the spine, the pages, the end pages, cover without the dust jacket on, etc). Mentally determine how best to approach the important task of photographing it.

2. Start to smell book, but then realize it doesn’t matter.

Blast! Why can’t new-book-smell be something that is experienced through photographs?!

3. Place book on designated bookstagram backdrop.

Photograph the spine, the cover, and the back without props. Realize the photo is too boring.

jurassic park lost world michael crichton

4. Spice up the backdrop. 

Add other books, chargers, gift wrap, colored paper, etc. to emphasize the book. Of course, the colors need to coordinate with the cover somehow. Photograph and realize that this is far too simple and won’t get you enough likes.

5. Throw confetti. 

ALL OVER THE BACKGROUND AND BOOK. Then dust it off the book and take a photo. No, not good enough.

treasure island

6. Collect knick-knacks from all over your house.

Grab boxes from the attic, raid your child’s room, dig through a collection of things you saved from high school. WHATEVER IT TAKES TO FIND THE PERFECT PROPS. Set next to book in a effortlessly casual look (that took you about 10 minutes to arrange). Take photo. Meh, getting better but still not good enough.

sherlock holmes

7. Place a mug of coffee next to the book.

Make sure it’s black coffee to be more dramatic, even though no one ever drinks black coffee because yuck. Take photo and determine you’re still not satisfied entirely.

8. Scrap entire set-up, put new book away, and collect rainbow-colored books instead. 

Take photograph of bookish rainbow, realize its perfection, and post to Instagram right away .

classic books

Do you bookstagram? Is your process something similar to the above?
Find me on bookstagram here, and always see the half-decent end result!

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  1. Do you even read all the books? All is for visual pleasure only?
    Saw your instagram and even you have the book, you’d rather listen the audiobook…
    It so sad you have all those book for show only.

    1. Hi Sad (lol)! Yes, I actually DO read the books! Of course, some of the collectors editions I have multiples of, but for me the collections are like artwork. So they serve a double purpose – something to read and something beautiful to look at. Otherwise, I am VERY picky about what books I get. I will only get books that I plan to read, and if I am gifted a book and don’t plan on reading it, I donate it 😀
      So there you have it!

    1. Hahahaha I can imagine it being very challenging with a toddler!! 😂 My cats cause me a little trouble, but nothing compare to a little one I’m sure.

  2. hahaha I love this post! I am still new to instagram and so struggling to get good photos. I was telling my boyfriend about how serious bookstagrammars are. As in seriously, the props I see are crazy. I have seen lights(including Christmas lights), sparkling stuff and lots of socks and yeah, the coffee mug has to be there.

    So far, I am still in search of the perfect props lol.

    Totally enjoyed reading this post!