7 Gift Ideas for the Book Collector

Do you have someone in your life is loves to collect books? Or do you love to collect books and want to know what other collections to add to your Christmas list? Look no further! Here are some fantastic books collections that would make excellent gifts for the book nerd in your life (or, you).

1. Penguin Drop Caps Collection 

The link above will take you to the complete collection, but you can buy the books individually as well. There is seriously no prettier book collection in all the land.

bookish rainbow zig zag

2. Anything from Juniper Books

This company sells books that makes bookstagrammers titter with joy. You can also find beautiful collections of your favorite classics (or your mom’s/dad’s/sister’s/best friend’s, etc), or you can customize your own (….I’m sure for a very pretty penny)!

juniper books
Buy here!
juniper books 1
Get them here!

3. Puffin (Children’s) Clothbound Classics

The link above will take you to a 10-book boxed set. You can also buy these books individually. There are 18 books in the collection out now, but Grimm’s Fairytales in out of print so you’re going to have to fork over hundreds of dollars to get the copy of that one. They seem to be releasing a few new stories every year. This year they released Treasure Island, Charlotte’s Web, and A Christmas Carol.

childrens classics

4. Penguin Clothbound Classics

These are a gorgeous and there are a ton of them! The link takes your to Penguin’s site, but you can buy them on Amazon and The Book Depository as well. I have just started my collection of these, so I am currently accepting donations – please and thank you. (;

penguin clothbound classics
This photo was taken by the very talented bookstagrammer, Maria (IG: booksugar)!

5. Penguin Galaxy Series

Gift this to the lover of classical sci-fi and fantasy! The good news is that the set is only 6 books, so it’s easy to collect them all.

galaxy penguin

6. Puffin in Bloom Collection

This is a 4-book set of (more girly) classics. They’re so pretty on the bookshelf!

puffin in bloom

7. Barnes & Nobles Collectible Editions 

These are fantastic old-fashioned looking collectible editions. And, they go on sale every once in a while so you can catch them a little cheaper!

barnes and noble classics

chime in
There are so many more fun collections out there, but this post could potentially go on forever so I had to cap it somewhere! What are some of your favorite collectors editions? Do you own any of these collections?

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  1. Oh my! That Narnia set is gorgeous! Another AMAZING place to buy books that look classic is Easton Press. It’s where my husband got our Lord of the Rings set. They’re a bit pricey, but if its for someone special, it’s worth it. They’re so pretty.

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook