Blabbering: the First Mystery Monday in August!

Mystery Monday is BACK, and today I have two nonfiction books that I’m asking about. So go ahead and take a look. Think you know what books I’m referring to? Take your guess down below. (And if you are wondering where “Mystery Monday” came from, I would direct you here.)

Book bloggers: If you’d like to do a guest Mystery Monday post, e-mail me ( or comment down below. If you’d like to do your own Mystery Monday posts on your blog, feel free! I’d just ask that you give credit (however, if you fail to give me credit I promise I won’t send a lawsuit your way). It’d be loads of fun to see them around the blogosphere!

mystery monday

mystery monday

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Per usual, comment down below with your guesses. If you don’t know, but want me to clue you in, go ahead and comment whatever you’d like down below. I’ll be giving answers in a couple of days!

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    1. You are so good (and this one was hard for people I think!). Yes to Into Thin Air, and yes to the second one being about Ebola: The Hot Zone was the name of the book. Hopefully you’ve heard of it? I think they made a movie even based on it.

      1. Thanks 🙂 I really enjoy these mysteries!! Thanks so much for doing them – they are a lot of fun! And no, I’ve never even heard of Ebola: The Hot Zone – I need to check it out, it sounds really interesting! 🙂