Bookish Worlds I Would NOT Want to Vacation In

A long, long time ago (lol, what was it? 3 months?) I posted about bookish worlds I would want to vacation in. Sine that post was so fun, I thought it’d be fun to do the reverse. Be sure to chime in with bookish worlds you would NOT want to vacation to in the comment section below!

1. Mordor

the lord of the rings

While the lava would be good for sight-seeing, there would be ORCS. Need I say more?

2. Leningrad, Russia during WWII

the bronze horseman cover

Actually, basically anywhere during WWII. But I have to say that I would want to be in Leningrad (today known as St. Petersburg) the absolute least. The Bronze Horseman (review here) details some of the horrors of that time and place.

3. The world of The Bird Box

Having to wear blindfolds when I go outside or board up my windows because if I see whatever outside I’ll go crazy and kill myself? Yeah, no thanks.

4. Mars

the martian

You could literally pay me NO SUM OF MONEY that would get me off of planet earth. You would have to anesthetize me and throw me on a rocket. HELL. NO.

5. The world of The Fireman

NOPE. I don’t need to live in some dystopian America where a crazy infection is running rampant. (See my review here.)

6. Wherever the eff this place is

This book had giant insects, evil dogs, and talking crabs. It sounded like some horrible drug trip that I don’t ever need to be on. (See my review here.)

7. Godsgrave

nevernight cover godsgrave review

It just seems HELLLLLLLA hot. And I don’t like the heat all that much… (See my rave review for Nevernight here, and Godsgrave here).

8. This version of America

i am legend

Rabid vampires? EFF NO BYE FELICIA

What bookish world would you not want to visit?

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