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Bookstagram: Books and Flowers (Why is this always perfect?)

As part of my bookstagram series (where I literally just talk about fun trends on bookstagram, because WHAT IS MY LIFE), I have decided to talk about photographs of books and flowers. YOU. GUYS. THIS IS ALWAYS AMAZING. Want to be a bookstagrammer? Throw a bunch of fake flowers at a book and BAM you’re a #1 bookstagramming queen/king/legend/God/whatever.

Anyway, feast your eyes on the perfection that is BOOKS AND FLOWERS. And definitely be sure to check out the bookstagrammers that were featured (link at the bottom of each picture). Make sure you tell them I sent you because I like to buy my friends with followers.

Photo by @booksugar
Photo by @bethanylooi
Photo by @deertales
Photo by @caseyrosereads
Photo by @thebooksatchel

And, because I’m all about shameless self-promotion, here’s my own contribution: 

Join me in the bookstagramming world here!

Tell me books and flowers isn’t the best combination ever? Oh wait, you can’t. What would be your ideal book/flower pairing? 




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