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Top 5 Horror Novels on my TBR

As October comes to a close, I realize I’ve posted what feels like a gazillion times about novels in the horror genre. As a result, I have accumulated quite a few new books that I want to read.

1. The Ring by Koji Suzuki

Everyone tells me this book is fantastic and way scarier than the movie. I freaking loved the movie (because it was terrifying), so naturally, this has to be high on my list!

2. The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

the haunting of hill house
I only heard about this book for the first time this year! And then to additionally learn that it’s a classic? MUST READ.

3. Ghost Story by Peter Straub

ghost story
Another one I hadn’t heard of until recently, but when I found out that it’s one of the most popular horror novels of all time, I had to move this up to the top of my horror TBR!

4. World War Z by Max Brooks

world war z
I love zombie stories. PERIOD. They’re probably my favorite type of horror. That being said, this novel had been on and off my TBR a number of times. First I heard I wasn’t going to like it, but then enough of you have told me it’s excellent and worth the read that I decided it’s time for it to be back on the list! Hopefully by the time next year’s Bookish Halloween Bonanza rolls around, I’ll have a review of it waiting for you.

5. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

i am legend

As mentioned above, I love zombie novels. So this is an obvious choice!

It’s my goal to have at least THREE of these read by next year’s Bookish Halloween Bonanza! You better help keep me accountable!

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What scary (or not-so-scary) story do you want to read? 

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  1. I remember really liking “I am Legend” back in high school! Slow paced but very engaging! 😀
    Shirley Jackson is on my list, but I’d like to read her “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” in the nice orange penguin edition from last year!

    1. I’m okay with slow-paced if it keeps my attention! Good to know that you’ve read it and didn’t hate it! And yes, must read that novel in the fun edition XD