Let’s Talk About DNF-ing Books (Infographic)

The other day I was bopping around on the internet when I found this excellent infographic from Goodreads about people not finishing books (remember: DNF stands for “did not finish”). I know that DNF-ing books is somewhat debated in the bookish community. Some people will suffer through the entire book just to say they’ve read it, while others will stop it on the second page if they’re not into it. Check out the infographic and tell me where you fall!

I had to piecemeal the infographic for blog reasons, but here it is in its complete glory!

Reasons to DNF a Book infographic

Reasons to DNF a Book infographic

Reasons to DNF a Book infographic

Do you DNF books? Have you DNF’d any of the books mentioned above? What are your reasons for or against DNF-ing books?

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  1. As I’ve grown as a reader, and life has gotten busier, I would say I definitely DNF a lot more than I once did – reading is my me time, to wind and enjoy myself, so why suffer through a book I’m not enjoying?! Especially when that reading time feels precious!

    38.1% actually surprises me as the amount of people who will finish a book to the end, regardless. I fall into the 50-100 pages in terms of when I’d abandon a book; I feel like that’s a fair chance to pique my interest and captivate me as a reader.

    I think DNF’ing is a totally understandable & acceptable thing to do – not every book is for every one.
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    1. Yes, I agree! Especially about the “as life has gotten busier.” I never made that connection, but I find that the older (and therefore busier) I get, the more I’m apt to finish a book that isn’t interesting me!

  2. I’m surprised that there aren’t more people who DNF books. My time is valuable for me and I like to fill it reading books that are enjoyable. If I can’t get past the 25 to 50 pages I ditch it. It’s really as simple as that. It has nothing to do with being a quitter. It more of a why am I reading this if I hate it kind of thing. I think if you read just to say you finished something that just takes the joy out of reading.

    1. I 100% agree with you! I think there’s those people (and I’m guilty of this sometimes) that hold out hope that MAYBE the end will be better. Of course it never is and we just end up wasting our time XD