The Power of the Audiobook

Audiobooks are a beautiful thing. I know that there are a lot of you out there who think that you “can’t listen to audiobooks,” but I promise you that you can! You just need to find the right ones (coming up in a couple weeks I’ll be discussing some of my favorite audiobooks, so keep an eye out!). I’ve compiled a list of reasons that audiobooks are awesome.

1. Get more reading done!

This one is obvious. If you feel like you don’t have enough time to read, or if you feel like your to-read list is just out of control, start listening to audiobooks! Since I started listening at the beginning of 2016, I’ve listened to 60 books! That’s a huge amount that I wouldn’t have read otherwise. In fact, I probably am able to get through audiobooks faster than physical books (between blogging, gyming, and working, I don’t have that much time to sit down and just read!).

2. Listen when you can’t read. 

There are so many instances where you may want to be reading your book, but just can’t due to the nature of whatever it is you’re doing. With audiobooks, you can listen almost ALL OF THE TIME! I listen whenever I’m driving, doing chores, getting ready for work, or simply going for a walk. So if I’m at a really intense part of a book, I won’t have to stop reading to get ready for work, I can keep listening!

3. Enjoy your chores again!

This relates to point #2. When I’m in the middle of a really good audiobook, I want to do chores or something around the house just so that I can keep listening. 

4. Use them to keep you active. 

Elaborating on the third point: If you don’t have any household chores to do and you just want to listen to your audiobook, go for a walk or go to the gym! Sometimes this happens to me, and I just end up doing something active simply so I can keep listening (I have a hard time just sitting down and listening to an audiobook, so I always have to find something to do).

5. Feel BA when you correct people’s pronunciation of characters/places. 

I feel like the audiobook is the ultimate source on how to correctly say some of those weird names we read in books (it’s not Rye-sand, it’s Ree-sand, or, it’s not Oh-ve, it’s Oo-vuh). It’s fun to hear the books read to you, because you’ll do a lot of Oooooh is that how it’s pronounced?

6. Enjoyment equivalent to a movie by reading a book. 

Some audiobooks are so stinking good I literally feel like I’m watching a movie. Now you can feel the same entertainment but while actually reading. Then you can recommend the book to your friends and family and sound all awesome and well-read. You’re welcome for that life pro tip.

7. Get through harder-to-read books.

There are some books that are just plain slow. It makes for a very challenging physical read, because every time you pick it up, your eyes close. With audiobooks, you can get through slower reads, because all you have to do is listen! I read a lot of classics via audio, because I know it’d take me forever to get through them otherwise. 

power of the audiobook
A few classics I’ve listened to on audio.
I either buy audiobooks from, or I get them free from my local library! I use my library’s Overdrive account for so many of my audiobooks! It’s an awesome resource.

Do you listen to audiobooks? What do you like about them? If you don’t listen, why not?

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  1. Yes!!! To all of this!! I’ve been listening to audiobooks like crazy lately, and it’s improved my days by a million percent. Literally just makes mundane things so much more fun (like cleaning the house… which sucks on a good day, but is a little more enjoyable with Sarah J. Maas’ books being read to you).
    Em just posted The Rapid Fire Book TagMy Profile

    1. Yes!! Classics on audio are my go-to! I don’t think I’d get through half of them (…like Middlemarch and My Antonia) without them!

  2. I’m using the Hoopla Digital app for my audio books. I love listening to books, especially the shorter ones. It’s very convenient at work or on my commute when I run out of podcasts.

  3. I once wished I had a longer commute so I could listen to audio books on my commute… seemed like a good way to power through some books!

    I mostly don’t listen to audiobooks because I can’t get my shit organized to do so. I used to listen to Vet Girl pod casts when I ran, but now it is the same music playlist all the time because I never actually get around to downloading the latest podcasts (I’m like a year behind now..). The same thing happened with audiobooks… I found I liked biographies as audiobooks, but I never got around to getting another after I finally finished a particularly long one!

    I think you’re pretty spot on with this list, though, and I definitely intend to try to get more into this again… my library has them on overdrive as well. I wonder if it would have taken me less than 2 years to read Anna Karenina if I had tried it as an audio book ;D

  4. I have to disagree that everyone can listen to audiobooks. I’m very much not an auditory learner. Even in college, I’d skip lectures most of the time if attendance wasn’t necessary (except for a few cases) because I couldn’t learn by listening to the professor talk, I would still have to go home and read the textbook. Also, my mind wanders too easily. I’ve tried listening to multiple audiobooks, and literally I have to just sit there in one place, stare at one thing (like my phone where the audio is coming from), and focus intensely on the book the entire time which just defeats the purpose lol. And even when I try really hard to focus, I still usually end up drifting off and missing things lol. But it’s kind of a shame since they do seem they come in super handy and allow people to get more reading done while doing other things!
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight just posted Bookish Musings: Are You a Bookish Risk-Taker?My Profile

    1. Hahahah, well at least you’ve clearly tried! That sucks you’re unable to listen to them. They’re so helpful! Although convenient that you didn’t have to go to lecture… I’m the opposite – I never read the textbook, I only went to lecture and took notes that I’d study off of for tests.

  5. I can’t tell you how often I have wished that I enjoy audiobooks, precisely for all of these reasons!! I try again every once in a while but every time I just can’t do it. I have tried it for several books I found hard to read and books I like. I just hate having someone else do the voices for the characters that I would otherwise imagine for myself. I wanted to try the Illuminate audiobook as I have heard those were done really well but other than trying them out every once in a while there’s not much I can do to change it!
    Esther @ Queen of Fantasy just posted Rainbow Books Tag!My Profile

    1. Yeah, it’s true. Some people just CAN’T do it. At least you’ve tried! Maybe one day you’ll find one that works for you and then it’ll open up a whole new world!

  6. A big YES to all of these points! I absolutely love doing chores when listening to an audiobook! I’m able to get stuff done, and I am completely concentrated on the book as well. Sometimes it’s hard for me to pay attention, but it isn’t when I’m doing chores! I love knowing the correct pronunciations in books! A lot of fantasy books have such complicated names, and it’s a relief to actually know how they are pronounced! I listen all the time when I’m driving as well! Like you said, I love that I am able to listen when I can’t actually read with a physical copy! Loved this post! 😀
    Genni @ Ready, Set, Read! just posted #TheReadingQuest Sign Up Post!My Profile

    1. thanks so much! and yes to being able to know to pronounce something. Don’t you feel like a really cool “insider”? I always do XD

  7. I’ve tried audiobooks a few times and they haven’t really worked for me, I get distracted every time seems like! But I want to keep trying because I’d get SO much more read if I did audio. Good point about pronunciation, never thought of that advantage! lol and classics too- maybe that’s how I can read more classics! 🙂

    Good tips! I’ll probably try again one of these days…
    Greg just posted Sunday Post #207My Profile

    1. Hahaha, you just have to find one that works for you and then you’ll slowly work your way in. That’s how it happened for me at least. I used to hate them, then I decided to try one more time and found one I liked! The rest is history 😀

  8. I completely agree! Once I started listening to audiobooks as an adult (my family listened to a ton during road trips when I was a kid), I was hooked. I must admit, though, that I’m reeeeally bad at paying attention! Especially when I listen to them in German, lol.

    1. Hahaha. Well fair enough if in another language! I do have to focus really hard on the books, too, especially if it’s a more “boring” part. If it’s something intense, I usually have a very easy time focusing on what is going on!