1 year bloggiversary

One Year Bloggiversary: The Things I’ve Learned

Holy crapola it has been a whole dang year since I started this blog! Hooray to me for making it! I can definitely say that blogging about books isn’t quite what I expected when I first sat down and happily punched out a little review for Fates and Furies. So let me share with you what little wisdom I’ve gleaned from blogging and the bookish world.

1. This is not an idle hobby, no matter how much I want it to be.

You’ll hear this over and over again from other book bloggers. I wish I had realized what a HUGE TIME COMMITMENT blogging was going to be. You don’t just get to start a blog and that’s it. Followers aren’t going to appear by magic. If you want followers you have to WORK YOUR BUTT OFF for them: twitter, instagram, connecting with other blogs, etc etc. It was exhausting at first, and it was truly non-stop. Now, I’m not quite as intense as I had to be in the beginning, but I’m still on social media so much more than I ever thought I’d be (so much more than I ever wanted to be!).

2. The bookish community is perfection! 

Well, for me at least it is. I manage to stay out of all the bookish drama (and guys, sometimes there is A LOT of it) because I legit barely have time for book blogging let alone bookish drama. So I can safely say that I LOVE MY BOOKISH FRIENDS! It’s so fun to be able to fangirl about books I love with other people and to commiserate about bad books/sad books/books that ripped our hearts out, etc. In fact…

3. How will I ever stop blogging?

I can’t even imagine discontinuing this hobby. I would feel so empty to finish a book and have NO ONE to talk to about it. OMG HOW DID I EVER SURVIVE BEFORE BLOGGING!?!?! I NEED YOU BOOKISH PEOPLE TO KEEP ME GOING!

So THANK YOU my bookish friends for giving me so much joy that I managed to stick with this a whole year! I plan to continue on as long as this is fun for me, which I think will be for a while yet. 

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  1. Congratulations Alexz! You’re a terrific blogger, amazing book photographer, and excellent reviewer. Keep on Blogging (reveals my age — an allusion to “Keep on Trucking”). And for those who notice, please ignore the similar last name. I would read Alexz’ blog even if she wasn’t married to my son. As soon as I get more social media savvy, I’ll also subscribe to Twitter and Instagram!

  2. i passed my one year blog-aversary too but youre WAYYY better at this whole thing than me! i totally agree its not really a hobby – its like the most stressful hobby / not paying job ever, but that being said its still so much fun.

    ps i love my bookish friends too!

  3. Congrats your blogoversary! I’ve been following you for a few months now and absolutely love your reviews and content. Glad to see you’ll be sticking around!

    1. Thanks girl! And yes, definitely a life-consuming. Hopefully we’ll figure it out eventually so it won’t suck up so much time XD Good thing we love it!

  4. CONGRATS ON A YEAR!! Blogging is so much fun, as much time and effort it takes. I love it and don’t want to stop, even when I’m in a blogging slump or busy with uni and don’t have time to put into it. Thanks for making the decision to jump into this community and not only sharing your thoughts, but your gorgeous book photos!

  5. I’ve just been blogging for only 4 months and I’m feeling the points you’re talking. This community is awesome. The reason I started blogging was because I had NO ONE to fan-girl about my latest book boyfriends when I finished a book and it was miserable. Lonely. So I’m SO excited to find new friends that I can talk about bookish things without feeling judged or embarrased.
    Anyway, Congratulations!! I love your blog. Thanks for the giveaway. 😁

    1. Right?!?! We can all fawn over our fictional boyfriends and be right at home 😀 I’m so glad you’re enjoying it, too! Blogging is the best!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!! Continue with the hard work, because it pays!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
    (Blogging does in fact take more time than I thought… lately I’ve had no time at all!!haha)

  7. YAYYYYYYYZZZ I’m SO late BUT YAY!!! Happy ONE YEAR! !! jfdljs!!!L k xD

    I love reading your blog and you’re one of my favorite people EVER so never leave <3

  8. Congrats Ali!
    I have been following you for some time by now and I must say that I love your blog. Posts, topics and also pictures are fantastic and very interesting! Keep on doing this, I understand very well the struggle since I have a bookblog, too, but if this is the result you should be proud of yourself!
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway, I wish you luck for the blog.


  9. Congrats on doing it for a year!
    I heard about bookstagram in passing right before vacation, and so had time to start exploring and I am in love. I used to be very involved in a blogging community (not book blogging), and have missed it. I also used to have a book club with very like minded individuals, and some good friends I could share books with, and those people have moved away… I am so excited to have found a new Avenue to geek out about books 🙂 I already spend a ridiculous amount of unfocused time on social media… I will feel better having a focus, at least ;D

    1. Thanks! Welcome back to blogging – you should definitely take it up again. It’s such a nice break for work (: I am excited you’ve found book blogging. I loved book blogs before I started my own!

  10. Congrats on your 1yr! I’ve been blogging for four mths now and can’t see myself not blogging. And my exact sentiments, how did we do without it before… no idea lol. Thank you for this post and sharing because it definitely isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it’s worth it. I have found tons of awesome book lovers along the way.

    1. Yay! I’m glad you also love it. It’s so much fun! Time consuming AS HECK, but wonderful. And yes, the best part is meeting all the people who are just like us! 😀